Welcome to the online OEA shop where you can order a range of merchandise from socks and cufflinks to ties and OE buttons.
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OE Tie
Silk, in OE colours
OE Bow Tie
Silk, self tie
Pop Tie
Silk, in Pop colours
OE Socks
Cotton/Lycra, one size
OE Field Game Socks
Pop Socks
Viking Socks
Rambler Socks
OE Braces
Real leather brace ends, gilt steel fittings, multi-fit
OE Cummerbund
Silk, multi-fit
OE Cufflinks
With gift box
OEA Buttons (set of 12)
Set of 12
OEA Buttons (set of 14)
Set of 14
OE Field Game Society Tie
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