Old Etonian Clubs & Societies
Old Etonian Association Clerk Mrs Jackie Tarrant-Barton: 01753 370640
Email: oea@etoncollege.org.uk
  Hon Sec Tim Eddis  
Email: t.eddis@etoncollege.org.uk
Eton Ramblers Cricket Club Ed Bruce 
Email: ebruce@poten.com
Eton Vikings Club James Faire:
Email: vikings.rowing@gmail.com
OE Fives Club Jamie Abbott :
Email: jbabbott@ymail.com
OE Angling Club Anthony Lavers
Email: anthonylavers@gmail.com 
OE Architectural Society    Robbie Kerr   
Email: Robert.kerr@adamarchitecture.com
OE Association Football Club James Scobie: 020 7736 1126
Email: jamess@gclaw.co.uk
OE Rugby Football Club  Pip Blake              
Email: oldetoniansrfc@gmail.com
OE Field Game Society Lachlan Campbell
Email: oefieldgamesociety@gmail.com
OE Golfing Society Ned Fox:  Email: nedcfox@gmail.com
Old Etonian Legal Association Hugo Davies: Email: hugo@daviespartners.co.uk
OE Lodge of Freemasons Alex Maclean Bather:  
Email: secretary@oldetonianlodge.org
OE Medical Society Oliver Llewellyn: 
OE Racquets and Tennis Club James Denham
Email: jameshsdenham@gmail.com
Etonian Shooting Club Nick Bartlett: 020 7610 6981
OE Public Relations Association Nick Bastin, Paddy MacGregor
Email: oeprassociation@gmail.com 
OE Classic Car Club Johnny Yorke, George Lambton 
Email: johnnyyorke@tiscali.co.uk
OE Armed Forces Association James Mayhew. Email: OEAFAssociation@gmail.com
Old Choristers’ Association Robert Ponti.
Email: ecoca1440@gmail.com
OE Computer Technology Group Andrew Parker-Jervis
Email: jervis90@aol.com
OE Dragonflies Piers Torday
Email: etondragonflies@gmail.com
OE Mental Health Society Charlie Hart
Email: oldetonianmentalhealthsoc@gmail.com
OE Scientific Society  Yasunori Watanabe, Hugo Hadfield, Haofeng Xu
Email: oescisoc@gmail.com
OE Cross Country Nicolas Corry 
Email: nicolas.corry@gmail.com
OE Art Society Clive Wilson
Email: clive@oeartsociety.co.uk
OE Property Society Charlie Bishop
Email: charliebishop@moorevale.com
OE Environment, Energy & Sustainability Society Charles Perry
Email: perrycjb@googlemail.com
The Front Row Shaun Browne
Email: info@oefrontrow.co.uk
EtonPreneurs Ed Drax, Adrian Lloyd
Email: etonpreneurs@gmail.com
OE Horse Racing & Breeding Society Bill Esdaile
Email: bill@squareintheair.com
OE Food, Drink & Hospitality Association Charlie Wethered, Mark Browning
Email: oefdha@gmail.com  
John Coleridge Patteson Society John Service
Email: johnservice@me.com
OE Insurance Society Chris Sandilands    
Email: chris@consultilands.com
OE Polo Society Tristan Phillimore
Email: tristanphillimore@yahoo.com
OE Russian Society Rufus Loveridge
Email: oearussian@gmail.com
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